About SafeSource Marketplace

CONNECTING BUSINESSES AND SAFETY CONSULTANTS - Workplace safety and health is becoming increasingly important in today’s business market. While employee health and well-being is any company’s number one goal, workplace injuries and illnesses can also be financially crippling. In addition to social costs, both direct and indirect financial ramifications can be devastating to a company’s bottom line. While larger companies have detailed safety and health protocols enforced by a team of safety professionals, other companies struggle to adequately ensure their workplace is properly equipped to mitigate potential hazards that might occur on the job.

These companies often enlist the help of safety and health consultants to help strengthen their safety programs and properly train employees on workplace hazards and risks. As of 2019, safety consulting was a six-billion-dollar industry. Individual consultants, as well as safety consulting companies are lending their expertise to help businesses throughout the world. Historically, the relationship between consultant and business has been created through word of mouth advertising, a local google search, or a professional connection. SafeSource Marketplace provides an online network of thousands of consultants with detailed credentials to offer the perfect fit for your safety consulting needs. Instead of businesses and consultants alike being bound to local connections, SafeSource Marketplace allows both parties an online space to find each other.

Why Hire A Consultant

IS A SAFETY CONSULTANT RIGHT FOR YOU? - Workplace safety and health has always been an important part of building a successful business. Protecting employees from workplace hazards is not only important for employee safety, but it is vital to creating a productive work environment, and ultimately a successful business. While the health and safety of workers is paramount, the presence of workplace hazards may lead to other issues for growing businesses. Federal law requires that businesses to ensure a workplace "free from recognized hazards that are causing or are likely to cause death or serious physical harm." So, what are your options? For established businesses, or businesses with a rapidly expanding workload, hiring one or more safety professionals to be on staff full time is a viable option. However, for each of these larger entities, there are dozens that don’t, or simply can’t, justify having a full-time safety professional on the payroll. Some businesses may not be large enough to support a full-time safety professional. Some of them may only require the advice of safety professional occasionally in projects that might be outside their normal working conditions. Others may only require safety professionals when they run into new issues they haven’t dealt with before. Whatever the case may be, safety is a must for any and all companies who value the protection of their employees and a profitable work environment. Hiring a consultant is an excellent way to ensure that your establishment is meeting all the required safety standards. It is also a budget friendly way to ensure your employees and your business are protected!